How can I add my dreams?
You can add your dreams in a few easy steps:

  1. First you need to sign up and activate your account
  2. Then login to your account. You can now:
    1. Add completely new dreams with the ‘Add dream’(+) button
    2. Look for dream inspiration and add existing dreams you like using the ‘Add dream’ (+) button

What’s the difference between ‘Dreams’ and ‘Done(dreams)’?
Dreams are goals/dreams you want to do, done dreams are dreams you have already completed.

Why do I need to add a dream (sub) category?
A dream (sub)category is mandatory to make sure everyone can find dream inspiration for their particular interest (e.g., whether you’re looking for a travel related dreams or have a dream about starting your own company)

Can I make my dreams private?
Yes you can! When adding or editing a dream, tick the ‘private’ checkbox so others can’t find your dream.

Why can’t I edit a dream title?
Dream titles can’t be edited because they are ‘the linking pin’ to connect people with the same dreams. We will do our best to make editing of titles possible in the future.

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